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Last update: August 2016

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(with Peter Smith, Beata Moskal, Ting Xu, Jungmin Kang) Case and Number Suppletion in Pronouns. Ms.
(with Mark Baker) On Inherent and Dependent Theories of Ergative Case. To appear in Oxford Handbook of Ergativity. Final version Nov 2015.
To appear Distributed Morphology. Encyclopaedia  Chapter. (revised 2015).
To appear Suppletion is Local: Evidence from Hiaki (with Heidi Harley). revised Dec 2013


Suppletion: some theoretical implications. Annual Review of Linguistics 1: 1-18.
(with Susi Wurmbrand) Questions with Declarative Syntax tell us what about selection? In �ngel J. Gallego and Dennis Ott, eds. 50 Years Later: Reflections on Chomsky�s Aspects. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics, vol. 77, pp. 13-31
Distributed Morphology: (interview). Revista Virtual de Estudos da Linguagem ReVEL, vol. 13, n. 24. and with Portuguese translation


Suspension Across Domains. (with Susi Wurmbrand). In Ora Matushansky and Alec Marantz, eds. Distributed Morphology Today: Morphemes for Morris Halle
Syncretism Distribution Modeling: Accidental Homophony as a Random Event (with Uli Sauerland) Proceedings of Glow in Asia


  Universals in Comparative Morphology: Suppletion, superlatives, and the structure of words. MIT Press. 
Word Order and Scope: Transparent Interfaces and the 3/4 Signature. (with Susi Wurmbrand). Linguistic Inquiry 43.3: 371-421.


Bobaljik, Nevins and Sauerland, eds. Morphology 21.2: Special Issue: Markedness and Underspecification in the Morphology and Semantics
of Agreement.

Gender Markedness: The anatomy of a counter-example. (with Cynthia Levart Zocca). pre-print 2009. Morphology 21.2:141-166.


Itelmen: A Language on the Brink. University of Connecticut Humanities Institute. 23 April 2009. [podcast here]

Icelandic Control is not A-Movement: The case from case. (with Idan Landau). pre-print Nov 2007. Linguistic Inquiry 40.1:113-132.


Case in GB/Minimalism (with Susi Wurmbrand). In Andrej Malchukov and Andrew Spencer, eds. Handbook of Case. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 44-58.

Missing Persons: A Case study in Morphological Universals. The Linguistic Review, special theme issue Examples of Linguistic Universals 25.1-2:203-230.

Where's Phi? Agreement as a Post-Syntactic Operation. In Daniel Harbour, David Adger, and Susana B�jar, eds. Phi-Theory: Phi features across interfaces and modules, Oxford University Press, 295-328.

Paradigms, Optimal and Otherwise: A case for Skepticism. In Asaf Bachrach and Andrew Ira Nevins, eds. Inflectional Identity. Oxford University Press, 29-54.


The limits of deponency: a Chuktoko-centric perspective. In Matthew Baerman et al., eds., Deponency and morpho-syntactic mismatches. London, The British Academy/Oxford University Press, 175-201.
Complex predicates, aspect and anti-reconstruction  (with Susi Wurmbrand) Journal of East Asian Linguistics 16:27-42.
On Comparative Suppletion. (ms. July 2007). Superseded by Universals in Comparative Morphology (2011).


Problems with Honorification-As-Agreement in Japanese: A reply to Boeckx & Niinuma (with Kazuko Yatsushiro) Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, 24:355-384
Itelmen Reduplication: Edge-In Association and Lexical Stratification Journal of Linguistics
Eccentric Agreement and Multiple Case-Checking (with Phil Branigan) in Alana Johns, Diane Massam & Juvenal Ndayiragije (eds.), Ergativity: Emerging Issues, Springer: Dordrecht.


Adjacency, PF and Extraposition (with Susi Wurmbrand). In Broekhuis et al, eds. Organizing Grammar: Linguistic Studies in Honor of Henk van Riemsdijk.

The Domain of Agreement (with Susi Wurmbrand) Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 23, 809-865.

Itelmen Diminutives: A belated reply to Perlmutter 1988. In Yearbook of Morphology 2004.
Re: CycLin and the role of PF in Object Shift (commentary on papers by Erteschik-Shir and Fox and PesetskyTheoretical Linguistics 31: 111-125.


Clustering Theories. In Katalin �. Kiss and Henk van Riemsdijk, eds. Verb clusters: A study of Hungarian, German and Dutch. John Benjamins, Amsterdam, pp. 121-145.
Anti-reconstruction effects are anti-reconstruction effects. (with Susi Wurmbrand) Proceedings of CLA. Superseded by Bobaljik & Wurmbrand 2005, NLLT.

Long distance agreement, restructuring and anti-recontruction. (with Susi Wurmbrand) Proceedings of NELS 33. Superseded by Bobaljik & Wurmbrand 2005, NLLT.


Auspicious Compounds. In Theres Gr�ter and Tomokazu Takehisa, eds. Papers in Memory of Lara Riente, McGill Working Papers in Linguistics vol 17.2, 65-71
Realizing Germanic Inflection: Why Morphology Does Not Drive Syntax. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics
Floating Quantifiers: Handle with care. (revision of 1998 Glot article and bibliography) In Lisa Cheng and Rint Sybesma, eds. The Second Glot International State-of-the-Article Book. Mouton de Gruyter, pp. 107-148.

Paradigmaticity without paradigms. Handout [Rutgers version]; parts of this presentation included in 2008 paper: Paradigms, Optimal and Otherwise.

A-Chains at the PF-Interface: Copies and "Covert" Movement. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 20.2, 197-267.
Syncretism without paradigms: Remarks on Williams 1981, 1994. Yearbook of Morphology 2001.
Notes on Agreement in Itelmen. (with Susi Wurmbrand) Linguistic Discovery 1.1

Seven Prefix-Suffix Asymmetries in Itelmen (with Susi Wurmbrand) Chicago Linguistics Society.
The Implications of Rich Agreement: Why morphology does not drive syntax. WCCFL.


The Ins and Outs of Contextual Allomorphy. In K.K. Grohmann and C. Struijke, eds., University of Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics, volume 10, 35-71.


Adverbs: The Hierarchy Paradox. In Glot International, volume 4.9/10

Modals, Raising and A-Reconstruction (with Susi Wurmbrand) Handout from Leiden and Salzburg


Floating Quantifiers: Handle with care [State of the Article] Glot International 3.6: 3-10; Revised version published 2003.
Visions and Realities: Researcher-Activist-Indigenous Collaboration in Indigenous Language Maintenance.
In Erich Kasten, ed. Bicultural Education in the North: Ways of Preserving and Enhancing Indigenous Languages and Traditional Knowledge, Waxman Verlag, Berlin, 13-28.
Pseudo-Ergativity in Chukotko-Kamchatkan Agreement Systems. In Recherches linguistiques de Vincennes, vol 27. Special issue on Ergativity, L�a Nash, ed. Pp. 21-44.
Two heads aren't always better than one (with H�skuldur Thr�insson) Syntax 1.1, 37-71
Mostly Predictable: Cyclicity and the distribution of schwa in Itelmen. Proccedings of WECOL 9, U.C. Santa Cruz (1996) [ROA 208-0797]

If the Head Fits:..On the Morphological Determination of Germanic Syntax. In Linguistics 35 (1997), 1029-1055.
Interarboreal Operations: head Movement and the Extension Requirement. Linguistic Inquiry 28.2, 345-356.

Subject Positions and the Roles of TP (with Dianne Jonas) Linguistic Inquiry, 27.2 pp. 195-236.
Jonathan Bobaljik, Rob Pensalfini and Luciana Storto, eds. Papers on Language Endangerment and the Maintenance of Linguistic Diversity (MITWPL 1996), includes a bibliography on language endangerment, published online at Terralingua.

1995 and earlier

In Terms of Merge:  Copy and Head Movement. In Pensalfini and Ura, eds. MITWPL 27. [1995]
Ergativity and Ergative Unergatives. [pdf with minor pagination/font issues]. In C. Phillips, ed., MIT Working Papers in Linguistics vol. 19: Papers on Case and Agreement II, pp. 45-88. [1993] Back to Top

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